AlexandreTinoco clinic at EYC Sept. 8-9 (Updated prices)

Current world champ Alexandre Tinoco will be doing a Snipe clinic at the Etobicoke Yacht Club the weekend before the NA’s (September 8-9). This is a great opportunity to be coached and assessed by one of the best sailors in the world and to have your boat tuned and ready for the NA’s.

Updated pricing:

Spots are limited to 8 boats with 5 boats already confirmed, leaving 3 spots left. Cost will depend on how many boats participate but with 8 it will be between $125-$200 depending on how many boats register. Anyone interested should contact Harri Palm at or leave a comment here.

Participants will be able to leave their boats at EYC until the NA’s the following weekend.

About harripalm

Musician, Sailor, Winter Lover, Boat Repair Guy, Wood Floor Guy.
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