Fleet 877 Guelph Lake

  Home to Canada’s largest Snipe Fleet. Current number of boats: 14 and growing.

Located just ten minutes northeast of Guelph, Ontario, in a motorboat-free conservation area, Guelph Lake offers fun and exciting Snipe sailing. With regular weekly races and the Palm D’Or Snipe Regatta held on the first weekend in May each year, this is small lake sailing at it’s finest.

Fleet racing starts the third Saturday in April. First gun is at 1300 hrs. After Victoria Day racing switches to Tuesday nights at 1800 hrs. After Labour Day it switches back to Saturdays until the water gets hard. More info at the GCBC website.


Please note: There is a locked gate at the entrance. Contact fleet members to gain access.

2 Responses to Fleet 877 Guelph Lake

  1. Jim Francis says:


    We are summer residents of Lumsden Beach on Last Mountain Lake.

    We have a wooden Snipe sailboat available for restoration. The boat is destined for disposal, although we would rather not if there was an alternative. The boat was sailed from Lumsden Beach for many years in the 1960s and ’70’s. It belonged to my father-in-law.

    It is available for free to any sailing or sailboat enthusiast with a penchant for restoration. It could be turned into a very fine vintage sailboat in the right hands. Unfortunately, the right hands do not belong to us, as we have neither the skill, space, or equipment to attempt such a restoration.

    The boat has been in storage for many years, some of them outside but well covered and off of the ground. However, to my untutored eye, the wood is still in reasonable shape. I can supply current pictures necessary. We also have the wooden mast and boom.

    I was wondering if any of your members might be interested in acquiring the boat for free for restoration? For such a fine old boat, that would be a much preferable result than a trip to the landfill.

    Would you be able to pass this message through to your members?

    We can be contacted by email at this address, or by phone at 905-484-3467.

    The boat is currently stored at Lumsden Beach in Saskatchewan, on Last Mountain Lake.

    Jim and Allison Francis

  2. mario marques says:

    Hello good afternoon.

    In case of your interest or any crew that comes to the World Snipe 2017 to be held in Coruña-Spain, I am owner of a Snipe Zeltic, new, complete of everything and I am interested in selling with or without road trailer.

    I’m located in the City of Porto (Portugal) about 2h00 from Coruña, traveling by car!

    Thank you very much.

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