Palm and Kurvink take home the Leckie Trophy with a decisive win

Canadian National Championships/Ontario Open were held on Guelph Lake this past weekend. Despite some rain and a few thundershowers interrupting things on day one, the wind held through the entire regatta with a relatively constant (for Guelph Lake)  8 to 12 knots throughout. Giving us two days of fantastic racing.IMG_8132


It was not a great weekend to be a daggerboard trunk though.With water levels getting dangerously low, avoiding the edges of the lake was an important strategic consideration. Every competitor hit the bottom at least once during the regatta…luckily Harri was on hand to do some quick fiberglass repair and keep everyone floating.IMG_8229


The competition was at times intense, but Palm and Kurvink dominated overall, and once again emerged as the decisive winners dropping a third place finish to to give them straight bullets across the board. The competition for second place was fierce, with Inglis/ Vascotto battling it out with Richards/Perry through the second day. Richards strong showing on the fist day gave them the edge and they ended up taking second place by a point. So in the end it was 1.Palm/Kurvink 2.Richards/Perry and 3. Inglis/Vascotto on the podium.

Juniors Inessa Townsend Fish and Kristina Harris, fresh from the women’s worlds the weekend before,  took the top junior spot to win the Howie Richards trophy for the second year in a row. See Full ResultsIMG_8246

John Dentinger and Jen Perena came up from Newport Yacht Club to make it an international event. It’s always great to welcome our American friends to Guelph Lake.

A special thanks to PRO John Booth and Travis Raw for (as always) running a great regatta. IMG_8214


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