Snipe Canadians to be Re-Sailed (again)

The 2018 Canadian Championships began with a sense of deja-vu, as competitors sat on shore on day-one and waited for wind. With cloud cover early in the day and 0-4 knots forecast, we were all pinning our hopes on the breeze that was on it’s way for Sunday. However when it came, it came with more strength than expected and some very big waves. The consensus among the fleet was that it was not safe to race, and so the second day was cancelled as well.   So… for the second year we are in the position of having to re-sail the regatta at a later date in the summer.


On a positive note though, despite the lack of sailing everyone seemed to still have a good time. The traditional Cook-your-own-steak  dinner was a hit as always.  Our southern neighbors and good friends John Dentinger and Jenny Perena escaped Trump-Nation for the weekend, and in exchange for some Tim Hortons doughnuts, regaled us with stories of $1000 (CAD) cocktails and filmed embarrassing docking moments. We look forward to paying them back in August at the Briody.


It was also good to see new blood in the snipe class. Jeff Fullerton, and John Ryan were both first timers at the National Championship, and Inessa Townsend Fish, the reigning Junior Champion was in attendance and ready to defend her title. We look forward to seeing them all back on the water very soon.

After deliberation with the SCIRA Canada membership we will announce plans for a re-sail…Stay tuned.




















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